M&M Chocolates ‐ Plain Chocolate 24 x 43 Gm


Ingredients : Sugar, cocoa mass, milk solids (full cream milk powder, lactose), cocoa butter, starch, palm fat, glucose syrup, shea fat, stabiliser (gum arabic (E414)), emulsifier (soya lecithin(E32)), colours (cur- cumins(E100), brilliant blue FCF (E133), carotenes (E160a),beta-apo-carotenal(E160e),beetroot red(E162), titanium dioxide(E171), iron oxides and hydroxides(E172) dextrin, glazing agent (carnauba wax (E903)), palm kernal oil, salt, natural vanilla extract.



Enjoy the classic milk chocolate M and M’s loved by all around the world

Colourful and fun outside, M and M’s are delicious and chocolatey inside

An irresistible snack that is fun to eat and mark happy moments with

Mix and match them by using it with your puddings, cakes, and cookies.


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